The battle for resources – how and why Syria was ruined

Today Syria is an arena of fierce clashes between many players. Bloody rain is falling down over the ancient Syrian land, soaked in grief and sorrow, and the players are blaming one another for the provoked tragedy. Politics plays with ghostly figures, shoots with blank cartridges, which noises aim to divert the attention of the masses. However,  when you put up-to-date geological map on the table and think of the most common reason for collisions in the modern world, the natural resources, only then you can see the inconvenient truth. Now Syria appears to be in the center of the storm, a storm caused by  greedy corporative winds, blowing hard for two enormous natural gas deposits: the Levant basin and South Pars.



In 2010 the Texas-based company Noble Energy discovered two big deposits in the Mediterranean sea, Leviathan and Tamar, and later it turned out that they are only part of a whole system of deposits in the so-called Levant basin, whose resource potential is estimated at 3.5 trillion cubic meters of natural gas, as well as to at least 1.7 billion barrels of oil. Israel immediately announced plans to begin exploitation, and last month launched the project at Tamar. Although a claim to the entire Levantine basin may have Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus and Palestine. On top of that preliminary studies indicate that potentially it can be found another large deposits of natural gas in the basin between the Egyptian and Greek coasts. Back in 2009 Greek company carried out researches and discovered small oil fields. Today, 22 billion barrels are estimated in the region of the western Greek coast and around 4 billion barrels in the northern part of the Ionian Sea.
What happened to all the involved parties in this case?
We all know what happened to Greece and later to Cyprus. Both countries were brought to bankruptcy and pressed up against the wall, leaving them unable to define and dictate any terms. A devastating war is shaking Syria and it ruined the entire infrastructure. Now the country is powerless. The Arab spring destabilized Egypt and raised the Muslim Brotherhood to power, while the fiercest opponents in Lebanon for Israeli interference in Levitian, the militant Shiite party Hezbollah is blamed for every act of terrorism in the world and will be declared as a terrorist organization. The conflict began to grow with Turkey’s demands for deposits in Cypriot waters, using the North Cyprus argument. Whose claims are legitimate and whose are not is a matter of perspective. This is the main reason  for the meetings between Obama and Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan.
So, logic suggests one certain thing: deposits in the Mediterranean are one of the main reasons for the crisis in Syria.
And certainly it comes to many, many billions of dollars.
The South Pars field, shared between Iran and Qatar, is not just big. It is the largest gas field in the world, the volume of which is 6 times larger than the second largest deposit on the planet, Urengoy of Russia. It is also the root of Sunni-Shiite tensions in recent years. Of course at the moment Iran is a real thorn in the eyes of the Americans, the country is second in the world in proven natural gas resources with an estimated 33.5 trillion cubic meters. A planned gas pipeline between Pakistan and Iran means that Iran will be able to export gas to China directly, while Qatari shares, due to the small size of the country, have limited mobility. Syria in fact is a passage-way for the Iranian gas to the Mediterranean and from there the road to Europe and North Africa is open. Syria is actually an essential element in this plan, which of course is not good for Qatar, nor for Turkey, whose leaders are pushing for the Nabucco pipeline, which would pass through Turkish territory. Not accidentally, Syrian revolution is financed and backed by Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, who openly acknowledge this. Is not a coincidence that the so-called Free Syrian Army is made up almost entirely of radical Islamist groups. Such armed groups were used in the war in Afghanistan decades ago and now in Libya. In Iraq there are many organized bombings and killings of  key energy politic figures.
Obviously, after the wars in Iraq and Libya, the control of the before nationalized oil now is privatized by some certain oil companies. Now the main goal is Iran, a key player in this game and big corporations are desperate to put puppet on strings in order to access the Iranian gas deposits. The same applies to Syria, Iran’s main partner, who three years ago reached an agreement with Iraq for a joint gas project. It is quite clear that this projects is ruined due to the events in Syria.
The hypocrisy in the Middle East has reached new heights. Every day we hear how the war in Syria is all about democracy and how the rebels are fighting for freedom. These same rebels, who are basically foreign Mujahideen and radical Islamist fighters. The opposition in Syria willingly admits that it is funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. You see the irony, Qatar and Saudi Arabia will give Syria lessons in democracy! A hippo to teach a hawk how to fly! Sounds stupid but when money and media support are on your side, the masses can be convinced in this lie.
Saudi Arabia, a country ruled by a sole family, where Christianity is banned and its preaching  is punishable by death, while women enjoy a status that puts them on the border between human beings and cattle. Sounds very democratic indeed. Or Qatar, which constitution is a complete mystery. The two Wahhabi countries where Sharia law is imposed, are the main engine of the so-called Syrian opposition. Someone needs to get his crown for hypocrisy champion.
But the winner is already known. Syrians are the big losers in this war. The goal is achieved. Nearly the entire of country’s infrastructure was destroyed, and the imported „freedom fighters“ carry out daily attacks blowing up factories and key administrative structures. The worst part is that sectarian „bombs“ were inserted into this conflict. This is a very strong trump card in the hands of corporate players, who can very easily manipulate the relationships in this region with it. The previously tolerant Syrian society, which for years lived undisturbed by religious clashes, now will be bullied by this problem for many years to come. As happened in Iraq, where nearly 350,000 Christians fled to Syria, driven by radical groups in the fragmented into three parts Iraqi country (Shia, Sunni and Kurdish parts). The train is derailed and put on a religious track, no turning back now. The domino effect is now on turn, rows are falling, pushed by the forces of revenge, hatred and fear. But this topic will be presented in some of the next articles.

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